SIT708 – Assessment 1Professional Plan: Prepare a Project proposalWorth: 30% of your gradeDue: Friday, Week 4, 5:00 pm (Hard Deadline) Week 5, 5:00 pm (10…

SIT708 – Assessment 1Professional Plan: Prepare a Project proposalWorth: 30% of your gradeDue: Friday, Week 4, 5:00 pm (Hard Deadline) Week 5, 5:00 pm (10 April 2020)Individual project planIntroductionIn this assignment you will individually create a proposal for a responsive mobile app project. Later inAssessments 2 and 3, you will build on your project proposal, so you should read Assessment 2 and 3 toinform your decisions on this proposal and investigate the project with their essentials.The project you propose should demonstrate your understanding of the coding concepts and skillsdeveloped throughout this trimester in a progressive mobile system development context. The proposedproject may involve implementing algorithms and coding to create a realistic system. You are free to designand think of imaginative behaviours and actions for the responsiveness in your plan that satisfy therequirements outlined below in a creative manner.Your project should demonstrate the use of multiple components, composition, reusability, transitions,rendering, scaling up and animations in a larger system of both autonomous and interactive mobileapplication (Please scan weekly activities in the unit guide for further details). The purpose and format ofyour project is up to you. For example, you may choose to focus on a realistic simulation, a blockchain-basedmobile application, a game-like experience, an IoT application, etc. The unit staff will be happy to hear yournew ideas and provide feedback.TasksYou will create a proposal document of no less than 2000 (max. 3500) words to describe and explain thefollowing information clearly and concisely.1. Introduction• Market Research and Motivation• Overview• Background and Summary of the intended product.• Competitor Analysis2. Features• Asset list table of the components and pages you will use in your project scene. This should includesome statistical details or labels to indicate how they will be used in the project (e.g., quantity oreach, static or moving, responsive, interactive or passive). Assets should be selected from thecomponents available in the Android/Kotlin.• Product purpose, which should include:o Target audience identifying the intended users of your product and why it would appeal tothem.o Reasoning of how your project demonstrates creativity in its design and will providesomething new, unexpected or entertaining for the viewer / user.• Explanation of at least 3 complex components in depth and user stories, UX/UI design guidelinesof how this could be created. This may include high level explanation of which of the Coding Conceptswill be used for each design.• Summary of how the system will function as a cohesive whole and its feasibility to create within theallocated time. This should be supported by tables, diagrams, charts, analysis etc that may helpexplain your system as easily as possible.3. Milestones of the project plan4. Detailed UX/UI Design: User Stories, Use Cases, URL to UX/UI Design etc.5. High Level Wireframes6. API7. Resources required (optional)SubmissionYou must submit the file to the Assessment 1 and your submission must include:1. Project Proposal document (with a URL to UX/UI design).Marking Rubric for Assignment 1

CRITERIA FAIL PASS CREDIT DISTINCTION HIGH DISTINCTION<2.5 POINTS 2.5 POINTS 3 POINTS 3.5 POINTS 4-5 POINTSPROPOSAL DOCUMENT (30points)Product summary andasset listMay be absent ormissing significantrequired content.Summary providesgeneral idea of theintended productand lists assetsrequired. May lacksome clarity.Summary providesclear idea of theintended product andlists assets required.Summary providesclear idea of theintended product withdetailed asset list.Summary providesclear and concise ideaof the intendedproduct with highlydetailed asset list.Product purpose May be absent ormissing informationon target audienceor creativity.Provides basicidentification oftarget audience andcreativity. May belacking some detailor a mismatchbetween productdesign andaudience.Identifies targetaudience andcreativity. May belacking some detail butclear evidence ofpurpose informingdesign.Identifies clear anddetailed targetaudience andcreativity. Strongevidence of purposeinforming design.Identifies clear anddetailed targetaudience andthorough justificationof creativity. Purposeis highly intertwinedwith project design.Intended behaviour –explanationMay be absent ormissing criticalinformation.Componentbehaviour isexplained for atleast 3 componentsbut may besomewhatambiguous or havesome conflicts withalgorithmUX/UI/flowcharts.Component behaviouris explained clearly forat least 3 complexcomponents. Mayhave some minorconflicts withalgorithmUX/UI/flowcharts.Component behaviouris explained clearlybetween 3 complexand variedcomponents. Nonotable conflicts withalgorithmUX/UI/flowcharts.Interesting componentbehaviour isthoroughly explainedbetween 3 complexand variedcomponents. Design isinsightful with nonotable conflicts withalgorithmUX/UI/flowcharts.Intended behaviour – Userstories UX/UI designMay be absent ormissing criticalinformation.Provided but mayhave some minoromissions or errors.May be some issuesProvided with minimalomissions or errors.Plans would generallyprovide goodProvided with minimalomissions or errors.Plans would provideeffective functionalityProvided with nonotable omissions orerrors. Plans wouldprovide effective

that would affectfunctionality.functionality and arecommunicated well.and are communicatedwell.functionality and arecommunicated veryeffectively.Larger system summary Missing or may belacking evidence ofplanning forcomponents as partof a larger system.System summarypresent with someplanning forintegratingcomponents as partof a larger system.May appearsomewhatdisjointed andlacking unity.System summarypresent with clearplanning forintegratingcomponents as part ofa larger system.Demonstrates simpleconnections orinteractions betweencomponents.System summarypresent with thoroughplanning forintegratingcomponents as part ofa larger system.Demonstratesinteresting anddynamic connectionsor interactionsbetween components.System summarypresent with thoroughplanning forintegratingcomponents as part ofa larger system.Demonstratescomplex, interestingand dynamicconnections orinteractions betweencomponents thatprovide a wholegreater than the sumof its parts.Communication andpresentationMay have numerousand significantspelling,grammatical orformatting errors.Some spelling,grammatical orformatting errorsthroughout.Additional proofreading is required.Some minor spelling,grammatical orformatting errorsthroughout. Someadditional proofreading is required.Very few minorspelling, grammaticalor formatting errorsthroughout.Presentation isprofessional andpolished.No notable spelling,grammatical orformatting errors.Presentation isthoroughlyprofessional andpolished.PROOF-OF-CONCEPT (10points)Coding conceptsFor coding concepts, seeunit guide: weekly activities(topics from Week 5 toWeek 9)May be missing orwith majoromissions or errors.May not clearlydemonstrate any ofthe listedcomponents in yourproposal document.Simple conceptfunctionalityprovided for at least2 coding conceptsplanned in theproposal document.Minor errors or notRepresentative proofof-conceptfunctionality providedfor at least 2 codingconcepts planned aspart of the proposaldocument.Detailedrepresentative proofof-conceptfunctionality providedfor at least 3 codingconcepts planned aspart of the proposaldocument.Detailed and highlyrepresentative proofof-conceptfunctionality providedfor at least 4 codingconcepts planned aspart of the proposaldocument.

be fullyrepresentative.Communication &structureCommenting may beabsent. CONCEPTmay be veryinefficient instructure or havenumerousrepetitious,unfinished or brokenelements.Commenting ispresent in althoughmay be simplistic orused inconsistently.CONCEPT isgenerally structuredappropriately butmay have someunfinished elementsor messyformatting.Commenting is presentthroughout andprovides acceptablereadability of theCONCEPT for someoneunfamiliar with theproject. CONCEPT isstructured andformattedappropriately.Commenting is presentand thorough throughand is highly readablefor a user unfamiliarwith the project.CONCEPT is structuredwell with neatformatting and clearsectioning.Commenting ispresent, thorough andsophisticatedthroughout withoutoverwhelming theproject. The CONCEPTis very easily readablefor a user unfamiliarwith the project.CONCEPT is structuredwell with neatformatting and clearsectioning.OTHER FACTORS (5 points)Creativity & Purpose Does notdemonstratecreativity or expandupon the baseconcept. May notbe fit for identifiedtarget audience.Demonstrates someelements ofcreativity, althoughsome may not befully realised or fitfor purpose.Demonstratescreativity in someaspects of the projectand expands uponthe base concept.Design is appropriatefor the targetaudience.Demonstratesthorough creativity inmost aspects of theproject and clearlyexpands upon thebase concept by takingit in a more creativedirection. Design iseffective for the targetaudience.Demonstratesexceptional creativityin most aspects of theproject and expertlyexpands upon thebase concept by takingit in a highly creativedirection as a newproduct. Design isdeeply integrated withthe target audienceand purpose.OVERALL TOTAL(max: 45 points, convertedto 30%)<22.5 points 22.5 to 26.5 points 27 to 31 points 31.5 to 35.5 points 36 to 45 points
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