Write a 6-7 page APA-style paper that analyzes a small group of your choosing. This paper is broken into 3 parts. Address the following information…

Write a 6-7 page APA-style paper that analyzes a small group of your choosing. This paper is broken into 3

parts. Address the following information in each part:

Part 1: Select a small group to research and analyze. Describe the small group by providing relevant

background information such as the group’s history, mission, vision, values, and any other pertinent

information. Part 1 should be no more than 20% of your paper.Part 2: Select 4-6 of the following small group communication concepts from the textbook and discuss

them as they relate to the small group you chose. You should bring in specific concepts from the text for

your analysis.Groups as systemsGroup developmentClimateRolesLeadershipsEffective teamsSocializationEffective decision makingDefective decision makingPowerConflict managementVirtual groupsPart 3: Evaluate how your chosen small group uses these aspects of communication. Does the small group

use them well? Could it make improvements? Support your answers with specific material. Parts 2 and 3

should constitute at least 80% of your paper.

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