Social Issue Research Paper – Wage discrimination

Social Issue Research Paper – Wage discrimination in medical sales industryTitle Social Issue Research Paper – Wage discrimination in the medical sales industry Preferred Language…

Social Issue Research Paper – Wage discrimination in medical sales industryTitle Social Issue Research Paper – Wage discrimination in the medical sales industry Preferred Language style English (U.S.)Type of document Essay Number of pages/words 7 Pages Double Spaced (approx 275 words per page)Subject area Sociology Academic Level UndergraduateStyle APA Number of sources/references 5Order description:Social Issue Research EssayAssignmentResearch a current major social/cultural issue or problemrelevant to your career or intendedcareer.Discuss how your formal degree studies (includingkey theories, models, methods, andrelated empirical research)have prepared you toidentify,analyze,andresolve that issue theissue or problem. Recommend and construct an innovative problem–solving strategy, using athesis and supporting reasons, that addresses theissue or problem.For example, if your field of study werebusiness, and you worked for a utility company that soldhunting licenses on some of its land to create revenue, what should the company do whenapproached by a communitygroup that requeststhe practice stop? Or what about the corporateuse of off–shore accounts to avoid paying taxes? If your career path leads you to firefighting, forexample, would you protest the increase of residential development into wilderness areas dueto the costs of suppressing those fires?This essay should be academic in tone,use at least five outside sources (please use peerreviewed or trade publications, or interviews with experts in the field), and be1500–2000 wordsin length. Essays should follow APA formatting conventions. The Title and References pageswill not be included in the required word count.What is a social/culturalissue research essay?Thisresearch essay addressesa major problemthat isrelated to your field of studyorprofessionat an organizational, cultural, or international level.Itwill requireundertaking someform of active research, whether through the library, or anactivity such as interviewing—likelyboth.Thegoalof thisessayispresent an effective solutionto the problem or issue basedon the knowledge/skills gained from your degree studies,existing data, andpublished researchas well asinformationfrom knowledgeable persons(such as experts and practitioners).What is the basic content and organization of a social issue research essay?Statement of the Problem(approx.1page)First,grab the attention and interest of your readers, and then introduce the problem to bestudied.Describepreciselywhat you intend to show orargue andwhy(i.e.,the“so what?”question). Make suretheresearchquestionaddressesa significant socialissue orproblemin your field.A goodresearchquestionadvancesknowledge aboutatimelyandsignificant issue,facilitatesour ability to predict events,andmaytestor resolve contradictory theories.The problemyou raiseshould be relevant to contemporarysituationsor trendsand havebroad applicability.Agoodsocial problemquestion isrelativelyvalue–freeandobjective.Allassertions of fact must be documented. Social issueresearchis not an editorial piece in
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