Description Required Sources: Minimum 6 reliable research sources “We don’t have to look diligently to locate problems in our lives. They have a habit of…


Required Sources: Minimum 6 reliable research sources

“We don’t have to look diligently to locate problems in our lives. They have a habit of seeking us out. . . . If the problem can be solved, the difficult part is to propose a solution and then persuade others that your solution will, in fact, solve the problem – without creating any new problems and without costing too much.” (Writing Well 131)

For your final essay, draw on and expand your prior causal analysis paper to construct a well-researched, well-documented, convincing argument for the plan of action or policy that you will now propose to solve the problem which you analyzed. Combining these two essays will give you important practice in revision as well as help you to learn how to break down a large project into manageable steps. A significant revision of your essay on all levels (structure, content, grammar/style) is required.

Write a 2,000-word essay that identifies a problem, analyzes its causes, presents a policy or plan of action to solve that problem, refutes potential objections to the proposed solution, and attempts to convince an audience to enact or accept that solution.

Minimum Requirements (Necessary to Earn a C or higher):

2,000 words Minimum (see the syllabus for minimum length requirements & penalty).12-point Times New Roman font and 1” margins.Double-spacing throughoutProper Heading (your name, instructor’s name, the course title, date, word count)Appropriate/creative titleAn introduction gives the background and history of the problem, appeals to your audience/hooks the reader’s attention, and progresses logically toward your thesis. Consider including a description of the specific problem which convinces your readers of its seriousness – make sure to consider your audience as you select material for the introduction as well as the rest of the essay.A strong thesis statement that clearly conveys your argument.A thorough analysis of the causes of the problem.A detailed explanation of the means and steps by which your particular solution can be implemented.A convincing argument that includes:Reasons and evidence that show that your solution will solve the problemInformation showing that your solution is feasibleA rebuttal of at least one reservation or objection to your solution and/or an explanation of why your proposal is preferable to alternative solutionsA reasonable and authoritative toneSufficient evidence to support your claims. You may use examples, but limit the use of these pathos appeals and provide sufficient logos evidence (facts, statistics, expert authority, etc.). You must include appropriate quotations, paraphrases, and/or summaries from at least 6 reliable outside research sources as evidence for your claims. Keep in mind that this is the minimum. Consider using multiple pieces of evidence from each source. Also, keep in mind that 6 sources may not be sufficient to prove your claims. Use as much evidence as is necessary to prove your arguments.Appropriate organization and paragraphing, including the use of clear topic sentences that provide a focused claim for each paragraph and strong concluding sentences. The paragraphs should be in a logical order and use transitions to show links between ideas.Careful consideration of opposing positions. You should refute at least one counterargument. At least one objection to your own argument must be fairly represented and then refuted with solid evidence.A conclusion that provides closure to the essay and considers the implications of the argument. Restate but do not merely repeat your thesis, consider the implications of the argument, provide the reader with “food for thought.” Do not introduce new ideas.Use MLA style consistently and correctly and include a properly formatted Works Cited page.Observe the conventions of standard written English.Proper MLA page headers.Proper MLA in-text citations for all paraphrases and direct quotations from your sources.Works cited page in correct MLA format. Remember to include at least 6 reliable outside research sources.

Sample Solution
Global exchange is one of the main thrusts in this day and age economy. The greater part of the worldwide superpowers, for example, America and China depend vigorously on exchange for financial development. Without it the consistent development of assembling yield we have seen in numerous nations the most recent few decades would stop. Exchange is urgent in numerous areas of the Economy and gives a large number of occupations all through the world to little and huge organizations who depend on the exportation of their items so as to flourish. Be that as it may, makers are by all account not the only ones who profit in terms of professional career. Outside challenge diminishes costs for shoppers and gives the individuals a more extensive assortment of items and administrations to look over. Because of the ascent of globalization and industrialization in the ongoing decades, there has been a flood in worldwide exchange. The quantity of global organizations has expanded ten times since individuals are presently increasingly mindful of the various items being offered around the market. This has brought about noteworthy monetary advancement around the world. By selling administers, organizations have had the option to accomplish unanticipated degrees of development, that would have been difficult to reach, had they just been selling locally. The development that can be seen not just advantages the nations and the organizations that share, yet in addition the individuals they utilize. Because of the expansion sought after of an item that is being sold abroad, organizations contract more laborers. By giving more employments the monetary solidness of a nation is improved, making a superior way of life Nations gain monetarily by exchanging. For what reason would a nation produce something when it could be gained at a lower cost elsewhere? Because of their geological and innovative contrasts, nations center around creating in their subject matter. A few nations are more effective at creating certain items than different nations and in these situations, exchange assumes a vital job. An extraordinary model is Saudi Arabia, who leads in the generation of oil, representing 17% of the world’s fares, yet does not have the atmosphere to create oranges. Without worldwide exchange, Saudi Arabians would be not able to gain their oranges from Brazil, whose atmosphere is perfect for orange development. Through exchange, nations approach remote assets they can’t create, for example, certain characteristic assets, and horticultural produces. As such, worldwide exchanges make assets accessible that couldn’t be locally delivered. Be that as it may, not everything about exchange is helpful. Albeit universal exchange is a significant piece of the present economy, it likewise has its issues. From swapping scale vacillations, to residential market disturbance, exchange rebelliously has its drawbacks. The importation of remote products can undoubtedly destabilize local markets by offering less expensive merchandise. A case of this is China, whose assembling capacities permit them to deliver things for significantly less cash than the U.S. An organization that solitary sells locally, would be not able to contend with an outside nation that can deliver similar merchandise at a lower cost. While this may appear to be out of line to household makers, the intensity of outside business sectors boosts productivity, in this manner making progressively clever firms. The professionals of global exchange vigorously exceed the cons. It is protected to state that exchange gives the establishment to universal development, and has helped enormous, just as rising economies accomplish maintainable development. Exchange improves monetary execution, however more significantly, it instigates showcase intensity. I accept universal exchange is a pivotal segment in the present economy not just because of the productivity it supports in the business sectors, yet in addition as a result of the development of work and financial yield it produces.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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