In a persuasive essay, examine 1 Rock and Roll Group or Individual (any type of music is OK) that appears to capture the essence of…

In a persuasive essay, examine 1 Rock and Roll Group or Individual (any type of music is OK) that appears to capture the essence of a specific generation.

In your introduction, provide a brief explanation of how “generations” are described and of how this group/artist fits within that generation’s time frame and overall “take” on that period of time—that is, how they see themselves within the United States and in the world.

Consider the following as you plan your essay:

• What is a “generation”?

• Do you think of yourself as a member of a particular generation? If so, what title would you give that generation and how would you define it? If not, why do you think being part of a generation is not important to you?

• Who do you consider to be in your generation? Who is not in your generation? How do you feel about people who are not part of your generation?

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