the video and answer the followig quetsions;Speech Analysis QuestionsI. PURPOSE AND AUDIENCEA. Who was the speaker?B. Where was the speech given?C. When was the… the video and answer the followig quetsions;Speech Analysis QuestionsI. PURPOSE AND AUDIENCEA. Who was the speaker?B. Where was the speech given?C. When was the speech given?D. Who was the audience?E. What is the speaker trying to accomplish?II. CONTENT AND TONEA. What were the important points that were to be made?B. What information did the audience need?C. What attitude did the speech convey?III. STRUCTUREA. Did the speech have a clear beginning, middle, and end?B. Did the speech contain repetition?

If so, what was the effect of the repetition?If not, where would repetition have been useful?C. Did the speech contain parallel structure?If so, what was the effect of the parallel structure?If not, where would parallel structure have been useful?D. Was the vocabulary appropriate? Explain your answer.E. Was the sentence structure appropriate? Explain your answer.IV. DELIVERYA. What first impression did the speaker create?B. How was the dress and appearance of the speaker appropriate tothe speech?

Sample Solution
The beginnings of twirly gigs is somewhat indistinct. In light of the data from Fidget Spinner Review, “As indicated by many, the spinner’s designer is Catherine Hettinger. Anyway a decent clarification on the genuine innovator, as in who might have the option to patent the creation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, uncovers that the normal twirly gig’s exemplification is outside the patent cases of Catherine’s and a careful patent inquiry by David Miller uncovered many entrancing plays with almost indistinguishable structures however the capacity for drawing in the client’s fingertips on the two sides of the gadget all the while may have existed beforehand, remembering rotationally balanced projections and bearing centers for the two sides, for example, appeared in figure five of US patent 8,727,630” (Fidget Spinner Review). Hence, in spite of numerous cases, Hettinger was not the first maker of the whirly gig. Since we have gone over the root of this toy, it is essential to go over its plan. Its metal roller center permits the arms of the spinner to turn uninhibitedly. The bearing is contained inside a roundabout cushion, and this is the place the client holds the twirly gig with one hard, for the most part. The spinners are produced using an assortment of materials, for example, metal, plastic, copper, aluminum, tempered steel, and that’s just the beginning. The course are made out of clay metal and various metals. Other than the bearing, the loads contained inside the arms make turning for all intents and purposes easy and props the force up. Each bearing can be changed in accordance with differ the turn time, commotion, and vibration of the spinner. The plan makes the twirly gig simple to utilize, however practically sleep inducing in its development (Arnett, Dugan). Since we have gone over the essentials of the birthplace and plan of this toy, the time has come to talk about the advertising and offers of the whirly gig. It has been advertised in an assortment ways, in spite of its basic plan. It has been depicted as a wellbeing item for dispensing with the pressure and uneasiness of kids, as an item that produces quieting fun, and as a business apparatus for individuals who are workaholic behavior and need help. The deals have been high and the exchanging esteem is once in a while cosmic. As indicated by Startup Mindset, “Organizations are getting them from China for $1.40 and exchanging them for $20. The modest twirly gigs that retail for about $20 in North America are a crazy achievement. The Chinese proceed to make and send bounteous supplies into the U.S., and Canada stores despite everything can’t clutch them” (“Here’s How Brilliant Marketing Helped the Fidget Spinner Rise in Popularity”). Indeed, there were such a large number of offers, that in certain schools, they were restricted because of their pervasiveness in homerooms. Ultimately, the social hugeness of the twirly gig is basic to handle while talking about this toy. As indicated by The Atlantic, “It is a toy for the hand alone—for the person. Our own isn’t a period portrayed by joint effort among people and earth—or Earth, so far as that is concerned. Regardless of whether through libertarian independence or autarchic writ, human exertion is first observed as individual exertion—particularly in the West” (Bogost, Ian). Along these lines, previously, tops toys made an association with the earth and mankind, yet now these sorts of toys are progressively individual-driven. Whirly gigs turned into a worldwide marvel in 2017. It is a straightforward toy or instrument that twists by the flick of a finger. It has been advanced as a thing that can quiet individuals down, alleviate nervousness, and be utilized as a wellspring of diversion. In spite of the fact that science has not demonstrated any of their advantages, individuals keep on utilizing them for stress decrease and a break from weariness. Works Cited “Whirly gig REVIEW.” FIDGET SPINNER REVIEW, Arnett, Dugan. “Need to Focus? Squirm Toys May Help. – The Boston Globe.”, The Boston Globe, 31 Mar. 2017, of life/2017/03/30/need-center squirm toys-may-help/eTvlgEbtEdvJ3NK9WMw7RM/story.html. “Here’s How Brilliant Marketing Helped the Fidget Spinner Rise in Popularity.” StartUp Mindset, 29 May 2017, showcasing helped-twirly gig rise-notoriety/. Bogost, Ian. “The Fidget Spinner Explains the World.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 12 May 2017, gig clarifies the-world/526521.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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