Carefully review and research some aspects of technology driven information systems in application of business processes, the people that operate and use these information systems,…

Carefully review and research some aspects of technology driven information systems in application of business processes, the people that operate and use these information systems, and any needs for information systems development.

Based on findings, think about your current work environment and or a future work environment to be part of. Given this proposed work environment in a highly competitive environment based on services and or products offered by the organization and or business which supports this work environment, what ideas would you have to use technology driven information systems, like databases, to transform raw data into useable business intelligence.

Furthermore, and going even further where organizations and business need business intelligence, where would “Big Data” analytics potentially factor in and what tools as technology driven information would you suggest using in this case and why?

Finally, and to conclude this discussion, is data analytics along with any information technology tools supporting these calculations going to be the true strategic advantage now and in the future? Why or why not?

Sample Solution
At the point when I was around 13 years of age, I visited an air terminal in Vancouver, Canada, to see an incredible sacred character: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She was the originator of Sahaja Yoga Meditation—an overall development of profound practices that proceeds right up ’til the present time. My mom was and still is a supporter of hers and I was just intrigued and following along. It ended up being one of my most important encounters. Finding a workable pace, I was anxious for reasons unknown. I never observed Shri Mataji face to face, and she was and still is exceptionally respected in India and abroad. In this way, it was somewhat similar to seeing a superstar just because. There was an enormous group at the section door where she should turn out. Word normally spread about where she was voyaging and her devotees would go to every air terminal to go to welcome her into another nation or city. Usually, individuals would appreciate giving her blossoms as she entered the air terminal, and she would converse with her pupils all the while. Considering this, I was conveying a blossom too. When it was declared that she was getting through the passage entryway, my anxiety shot up. Individuals started to draw nearer to the door in a practically half circle. As Shri Mataji went through the door, individuals strolled towards her in an unrushed way, and gave her blossoms, individually. Shri Mataji was giving short remarks to every individual like, “Thank you,” “Goodness, such a decent scent,” and such. Some of the time, she would slow down at one individual and get some information about their family or a reflection program the individual was directing. At the point when it went to my go to give a bloom, I didn’t have a clue what to do. My mom took a gander at me with kind eyes and provoked me to offer her a bloom at her feet, just like the custom in Indian culture to a master or an individual of critical stature. I don’t recollect what Shri Mataji let me know and what she looked like at me, yet what has remained solid in my memory is the way I was grinning. I was grinning so that I have never done. I felt such a lot of delight and fulfillment that it is for all intents and purposes unbelievable. I was grinning such a lot of that I even attempted to quit grinning. For reasons unknown, I was unable to prevent my face from making an appearance of satisfaction. It resembled I had lost power over my facial developments, or that I was unable to edge out of how I was feeling. There appeared to be no halting my bliss. The rest is a haze, however I do recall heading off to the house where Shri Mataji was remaining. Much after the blissful involvement with the air terminal, I was still too bashful to even think about being in her essence. Along these lines, I for the most part watched her connections with individuals from a remote place and didn’t attempt to get in a discussion with her. My mom, then again, was happy with addressing her, and was in any event, conversing with her about the future soundness of my little received sister, who was conceived tranquilize influenced. Right then and there, I was watching this unfurl from a glass screen entryway from the lawn. Reflecting upon this, I feel a touch of disgrace and disillusionment that I didn’t have the boldness to speak with this incredible individual. As it were, I botched the opportunity of lifetime, as Shri Mataji turned out to be progressively occupied later on—along these lines, it turned out to be increasingly more hard to discover a chance to converse with her on an individual level. At any rate, the delight and fulfillment I felt when I offered a blossom to Shri Mataji’s feet is something I will always remember and still think back about at 33 years old. I think the reality I felt a tallness of feeling and profound rapture that I never experienced, and that it happened apparently in a moment. At the point when I contemplate now every day, I attempt to accomplish that equivalent inclination and state of mind. Here and there I can get looks at it suddenly—yet different occasions, I wish I could meet Shri Mataji once more, however she has now died. Right up ’til the present time, I am astonished that simply the nearness of an individual can inspire somebody to such a cognizance.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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