Submission of Group Project Plan

Submission of Group Project PlanCOIT20265COIT13236 Due date: Part: Weighting: Submission: Friday Week 4Progress Report12 marks of total assessmentElectronic (see course website for details) Student(s) Number(s)Student(s)…

Submission of Group Project PlanCOIT20265COIT13236

Due date: Part: Weighting: Submission: Friday Week 4Progress Report12 marks of total assessmentElectronic (see course website for details)

Student(s) Number(s)Student(s) name(s)IntroductionUse the introduction to provide the purpose of the projectplan, intended audience, stakeholders, nature of the project,and aim of the project.Project ScopeIn plain English, define the mission of the project; tangiblesand measurables; and a brief description of the deliverablesand key milestones, with a focus on the successful completionof the project goals.Statement of WorkUse this section to provide the terms and definitions of theproject scope as well as a complete description of the specifictasks or activities that need to be completed to achieve theobjectives of the project.Project Constraints and AssumptionsUse this section to document the limited conditions,circumstances, situations, and boundaries that you identifiedin this project. Likewise, provide a list of anything reasonableyou think to be true despite the fact you cannot guaranteethem.RACI MatrixProvide a linear responsibility chart or RACI MATRIX todescribe the roles and responsibilities of the team members incompleting tasks or deliverables of the project.GANTT ChartUse the GANTT Chart to decompose the work for executionin the form of a work breakdown structure (WBS).Project Risks and MitigationPerform a project risk analysis to identify any uncertain eventor condition that might potentially affect the successfulcompletion of the project. For each identified risk, list theplanning activities to mitigate it.ReferencesAppendix​Group Project PlanMarking Guidelines – RubricFail Below Standards Average Standards Meet Standards Exceed StandardsIntroduction The introduction does notmake sense; is off-topicor is incoherent.0 pointsIt provides very little into theplanning of the project. It alsolacks depth and consistency.0.25 pointsThis is a good insight into theplanning of the project. Someminor points are unclear or notcovered.0.5 pointsThe introduction is a verygood insight into the projectplan.0.75 pointsThe introduction is anexcellent snapshot of theproject plan.1 pointProject Scope The project scope fails tomeet the minimumstandards.0 pointsThere is not an appropriatedefinition of the project scope,deliverables, or milestones.0.5 pointsThe project scope describes wellthe mission of the project,deliverables, and milestones.1.0 pointsThe project scope is very goodwith a focus on the successfulcompletion of the project.1.5 pointsThe project scope provides avery comprehensive definitionof the project, deliverables,and key milestones.2.0 pointsStatement of Work (SOW) The SOW fails to meetthe minimum standards.0 pointsThe SOW is incomplete. It lacksdescription of tasks or activitiesto be completed.0.5 pointsThe SOW provides a gooddescription of the specific tasksor activities to be completed.1.0 pointsThe SOW summarises verywell the specific tasks requiredto achieve the objectives.1.5 pointsThe SOW abstracts extremelywell the specific tasks requiredto achieve the objectives.2.0 pointsConstraints andAssumptionsWhat was documentedfails to meet theminimum standards.0 pointsThe constraints and assumptionsare shallow, or lack consistency.0.25 pointsThere are some documentedconstraints / assumptions thatare still unclear or vague.0.5 pointsThe constraints / assumptionsare very well documented.0.75 pointsThe documentation ofconstraints and assumptionsare presented in a verycomprehensive andprofessional manner.1.0 pointsRACI Matrix No RACI Matrixprovided, or the chart isincoherent.0 pointsThe Matrix provides a verysuperficial description of rolesand responsibilities.0.25 pointsThe Matrix shows someelements of roles andresponsibilities, but notstrongly.0.5 pointsThe Matrix summarises verywell the roles andresponsibilities of teammembers.0.75 pointsThe Matrix is an excellentabstraction of the roles andresponsibilities of the teammembers.1.0 pointGANTT Chart No GANTT chartprovided or is incoherent.0 pointsThe chart provides a verysuperficial decomposition of theWBS0.5 pointsThe chart shows some elementsof WBS but lacks clarity.1.0 pointsThe chart summarises verywell the WBS1.5 pointsThe GANTT chart is anexcellent abstraction of theWBS2.0 pointsRisk Analysis andmitigationThe risk analysis is notshown, or it does notmake sense.0 pointsThe risk analysis identifies verylittle as risks. It needs lots ofimprovement.0.5 pointsThe risk analysis identifiessome risks; and the mitigationstrategies are reasonable.1.0 pointsVery good identification ofproject risks accompanied byplanned activities to mitigatethem.1.5 pointsAn excellent account of projectrisks identification andmitigation strategies.2.0 pointsGrammar, syntax, andreferencesFails to meet theminimum writingstandards.0 pointsIt is rare the use of appropriatesentence structure, grammar,punctuation, citation style, andspelling in this assignment.0.25 pointsThere are some issues with theproper use of sentence structure,grammar, punctuation, citationstyle, and spelling0.5 pointsThe sentence structure andgrammar used is generallyvery good, but there are somelapses in punctuation, citationstyle, and spelling.0.75 pointsSentence structure andgrammar excellent; correct useof punctuation and citationstyle; and no spelling mistakes.1.0 point

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