For this essay, you are to interview a supervisor. The main purpose of the interview is for you to learn moreabout what supervision is really…

For this essay, you are to interview a supervisor. The main purpose of the interview is for you to learn moreabout what supervision is really like from the perspective of one who is in the role. You may interview yourown supervisor, another supervisor in your place of work, a supervisor you know, or a total stranger who isa supervisor and is willing to be interviewed. Following are the questions you are to ask in the interview:First name, years of supervisory experience, types of businesses worked in, how many people supervisedat one time, present roleWhat do you like about being a supervisor? What do you dislike about being a supervisor?How do you keep your employees accountable but not micromanage them?How do you keep your employees happy in their work?How do you deal with difficult people, like complainers, bullies, and those who show up late all the time orcall in?What’s the hardest thing about hiring new people? How do you overcome this challenge?What was the most difficult part of moving from being a worker to being a supervisor for you?How do you deal with the stress of being a supervisor?What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made as a supervisor? What would you do differently now?If you could give a new supervisor any advice, what would it be? (Get all the information you can here!)Tips for conducting the interview:

Sample Solution
analysis within the time period. What’s more, made the results limited and refutes the validity of them as more data could have been analysed and used to narrow down the themes. Results were also different in the area of the age difference of the participants. More life experience was evident from one participant than the other. The interviews were conducted before the adult learners had started to study. This gives weakness to procedure because the participants were asked for knowledge of concerns provided by the open questions, of which were unknown to them. Results would’ve been very different as actual knowledge would be known and not assumed. Conclusion The reasoning for using an open question in the foundation of this report was to get an overall view of what concerns the participants had without leading them to biased answers. The strategy of the procedure was to give light to the discovery of what the main concern is for adult learners when returning to higher education, while taking into account all aspects of life obligations. Reference list Anderson, A., Johnston, B., & McDonald, A. (2014). Patterns of learning in a sample of adult returners to education, Journal of Further and Higher Education. 38(4), pp. 536-552. Armstrong, N. (n.d). Retrieved from: Banister, P. et al. (2005). QUALITATIVE METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGY A RESEARCH GUIDE. UK: Open University Press.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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