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Techniques in Speech Communication

The current system is not the best means of recruiting effective officials and should be done away with. I believe the current system is the beginning of fear, anxiety and tension in the minds of many students. It is therefore of essence, to note that the current system is responsible for several death cases where officials do not qualify in the end term exams. This is as a result of being ridiculed by the parents for having failed. Furthermore the test being handed to the officials are not the best and effective way of gauging the ability of future officials. The current system does not produce leaders who are responsible (Harrington et al). This is encompassed through the system encouraging cramming and unnecessary expenditure. The allocation of marks to students is not properly documented by the current system as well.

Confucian Texts

In order to be an effective official, one has to be good and should involve dutiful and pure. To base an argument that one is a perfect leader without action does not qualify a servant, as stated by Confucius texts. The texts prepare one to be an effective leader in that it advocates for the love and passion for learning. Confucius illustrates on the need for an official being formed by observing the rites with a right mixture of native substance and cultural refinement (Confucius). The last aspect of the text developing an official is the respect of humanity. Taking care of the elderly as well as providing food is not enough. One ought to go an extra mile of offering protection and carrying oneself with utmost dignity.

The system is meritocratic

The system offers a national testing that do not assist with the development of performance assessment. There is not teacher education and staff development hence the orientation being offered an official do not meet the required criteria. The current system does not address the level of stress which leads to poor performance of the officials. There are no proper mechanisms to address the concept of suicide which befall s students when they have underperformed. The system is not producing the best brains in the country. This is due to the fact that the system does not reflect the real working environment situation (DOE). Officials tend to perform well in course work but when it comes to final exams, they underscore. This leads to them ending up in low paying jobs and diminishing their potentials.

The present system should in part be replaced in part by a system of recommendations. For instance, there should be the re-examination of cases by the federal government to offer multiple choice testing. The assessment system should be evaluated on the basis of extensive experience at all the levels. The current system should not be entirely removed but some changes should be implemented so as to gain some ground.

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