The BirdcageBased on the video and the article on “doing gender,” write a short response paper where you address the prompt below. You must provide…

The BirdcageBased on the video and the article on “doing gender,” write a short response paper where you address the prompt below. You must provide examples from the film and clear connections to the reading.

The film The Birdcage provides numerous examples of West and Zimmerman’s concept of “doing gender.” All of the main characters enact gender, maintain or create gender displays (appearance), and interact with others based on expected gender roles. Pick two of the main characters from the list below and thoroughly discuss how those characters “do gender.” In your discussion, be sure to give examples from the film AND make connections to the article “Doing Gender.” Below are three statements from the article to guide your response.

Gender is a recurring accomplishment, an action, and is constituted through interaction. p. 126-129

Doing gender requires management of gender display and behavior in a way that can be viewed by others as appropriate. p. 135

Doing gender renders social arrangements based on sex category as normal and natural (e.g., hierarchal positioning of men as dominant and women as submissive). p. 146

Cast of Characters:

Armand Goldman – Val’s father/club owner

Albert Goldman – Val’s mother/performer

Val Goldman – son

Agador – Goldman’s houseboy

Katherine Archer – Val’s biological mother

Kevin Keely – senator/Barbara’s father

Louise Keely – senator’s wife/Barbara’s mother

Barbara Keely – daughter

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