Watch the 1957 film with Henry Fonda of “12 Angry Men” on you tube or elsewhere. Write a Paper that analyzes the small group dynamics…

Watch the 1957 film with Henry Fonda of “12 Angry Men” on you tube or elsewhere. Write a Paper that analyzes the small group dynamics in the film “12 Angry Men”. The following topics in chapters 8, 9 must be discussed and applied to the task oriented group identified in the movie.

Type of GroupCharacteristics of the groupCulture, Gender and EthnicityRoles (Task, Maintenance, Dysfunctional) and Effective and Ineffective Group MembersConflict Styles, Outcomes and EscalatorsGroup Problem Solving MethodLeadership Style, theories and Effective and Ineffective Leadership StylesCharacteristics of Successful or Unsuccessful GroupDiscuss how the group interaction might be improved.

Sample Solution
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