The purpose of requiring proof of an overt act in…

1) What is the purpose of requiring proof of an overt act in a criminal conspiracy charge? Why doesn’t the federal statute forbidding drug conspiracies…

1) What is the purpose of requiring proof of an overt act in a criminal conspiracy charge? Why doesn’t the federal statute forbidding drug conspiracies have such a requirement?2) Watch: spouses be liable for failing to report crimes of their spouse?Why or Why not?3) Assume that the defendant is riding in a car being driven by a person who is clearly intoxicated. Nonetheless, the defendant urges the driver to exceed the speed limit and ignore traffic signs. The driver does so, and smashes the car into a building, injuring another passenger. Can the defendant be charged, under accomplice liability, for driving while intoxicated? Vehicular assault (the auto accident)? See People v. Childless, 363 P.3d 155 (Colo. 2015) What is the mental state requirement in Colorado for conviction or driving while intoxicated? Vehicular assault, while intoxicated? What is the mental state requirement for accomplice liability?4) Allen, a volunteer fire fighter in Vermont, and some of his other fire fighters, believed the lack of fire calls was “like kind of getting boring.” So, they decided to set some fires in uninhabited grasslands, so they could respond to a fire call at the fire station. Some of the fires were set in federally owned park lands. Allen was charged and convicted of conspiracy to violate 18 U.S.C. § 1855, which makes it a crime to “willfully” sets on fire timber or grass on any land owned or managed by the United States.

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