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Aldous Huxley once noted that the progress in technology has granted the human population an effective means of going backwards. Is there an indication that the current generation as depicted by Thomas Friedman is a ‘Quiet Generation? And do the words of Adolf Huxley illustrate our society? I agree with Thomas Friedman in granting the generation the name. The current generation is seen as being optimistic as well as idealistic. For instance, young college students are much determine not to let the events of terrorist attack derail their quest for a better society, they do so in a quiet mood. Furthermore, are they getting out in large numbers to demonstrate their cause? Thomas Friedman notes that the current generation is not radically as the past generations. By doing so, there demands and wishes are quietly being reflected upon without mush enthusiasm. In this type of environment, there is nod effective change that is much yearned for.

In commenting on why the United States is good at several things and lacking in others, John Kenneth Galbraith had this to say, ‘The drive toward complex technical achievement offers a clue as to why the U.S is good at space gadgetry and bad at slum problems.’ In the same assertion, Thomas Friedman fears that her daughter will not be able to journey through the world with relative peace (98). The globe has been made a small village by people fearing for their lives. For instance, the Iraq war was not supported by several individuals who are anti-war. Furthermore, few young people are undertaking initiatives that aim at supporting the cause of a just world where people can interact freely with no fear. Thomas Friedman notes that the resilience nature of young people will have a global effect on them in terms of social security as well as the ecology. Action is not being taken on instances that desire public scrutiny. For instance, the quiet generation is elevated by the fact that the Arctic story was publicized for a short while and then disappeared. This prompted the generation of Thomas Friedman to ask what had happen to the incidents. It is true, therefore, that technology has led majority of Americans with questions other than answers.

The vigorous activities illustrated in the olden days have not yet been depicted by the current generation. For instance, Rob Fishman asserts that Friedman is right when he states, ‘Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy didn’t change the world by asking people to join their Face book crusades or to download their platforms.’ In olden days, college students were outwardly radical in the 1960s as they had the passion to change the country. The activities of Martin Luther and the likes were characterized by protests, sit-ins as well as boycotts that were responsible for bringing in a great deal of change (73). Look at the current generation illustrated by Thomas Friedman; will they be able to generate change by sitting back at the expense of technology? Students on the other hand see the efforts of Martin Luther as having yielded little to bring change and that’s why they are advocating for change from within, an aspect that Thomas Friedman and Rob Fishman differ with. In reaction to challenges facing the country, students and the young generation are turning to dialogue. College student should develop a more forceful approach to issues and abandon the Face book mentality.

Technology has played a great role in the life of humanity. It is however been envisioned by several limitations like the O.J Simpson trial case, ‘Though the DNA evidence may not have been clear or convincing to a jury of non-scientists, it was ultimately presented as indisputable fact. This case is an example of a worst scenario as indicated by Rob Fishman, of how technology has taken a worsening dimension. The investigations were coupled with great mistakes in the collection, handling as well as the processing of evidence. It is therefore no a mistake for Thomas Friedman to note that Generation Q is overwhelmed by the advent of technology. On the other hand, a worse case was the 2000 presidential elections where the Supreme Court upheld the voting tabulations accrued by the disputed ballots in Florida to had the election to George W. Bush (74). Was the performance of former President Bush satisfactory when he left office in 2008? Can we conclude that technology deprived the country a leader in the form of Al-Gore? It is true, that the outcome of Bush administration was ranked the lowest when he was living office. Technology was the result of a great error that granted the worlds super power a poorly performing administration of all times.


Thomas Friedman assertion that the generation in Q is quiet is remarkable. Was technology involved in evaluating that Iraq was having weapons of mass destruction? The reflection carries a great emphasis on how technology has taken us aback. Americans need a jolt of eth idealism, activism and outrage, noting that there need to be an up rise of active young generation. It is an opportune time for the young generation to come out of technological cocoons in the guise of face book social gatherings and seek redress to issues face to face. Thomas Friedman and Rob Fishman both agree that the young generation have taken a quiet state and a motivational approach should be injected into them with an aim of creating a vibrant environment.


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