The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides the right to a jury trial in criminal prosecutions. If the case proceeds to trial, the defendant…

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides the right to a jury trial in criminal prosecutions. If the case proceeds to trial, the defendant makes the decision of whether he or she wants a trial by jury or a bench trial (in which a judge decides whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty). You have just been charged with the offense of mail fraud. You have decided to take the case to trial. Address the following questions:Would you select a jury or bench trial? Explain your answer. What are the benefits to your selection, and why would it be more advantageous for this option? Why would you not select the other option? Do you believe that a jury or judge would be more likely to decide the case based only on the facts, and not be influenced by emotions? Act I J. Pierrepont Finch, a youthful window washer in New York City with huge aspirations, peruses the book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The “Book Voice” reveals to him that he will be effective in the business world in the event that he follows the book’s recommendation. Energized, Finch enters the World Wide Wicket Company looking for an occupation (“How To Succeed”). Finch catchs J.B. Biggley, the leader of the organization, who sends him to the staff administrator, Mr. Bratt. Rosemary Pilkington, a quite, youthful secretary working at the organization, is intrigued purchase Finch’s intensity and encourages him meet Mr. Bratt. Bratt is initially exceptionally blunt to Finch, thus Finch discloses to him that Biggley sent him and that they were companions. Bratt gives him an occupation in the sorting room, where he works with Mr. Biggley’s sluggish, haughty, and nepotistic nephew Bud Frump. Rosemary who longs for wedded life and has favored Finch, fantasizes about him to her companion Smitty. (“Glad To Keep His Dinner Warm”). A short breather is called, however the machine has come up short on espresso. (“Short breather”). Finch is baffled about being at the organization for a week and not progressing. Through Rosemary, he meets Miss Jones, Biggley’s secretary. In the sorting room, Finch gains the regard of long-lasting leader of the sorting room, Mr. Twimble, who is moving to the transportation office and must pick his successor. He discloses to Finch the key to life span at the organization (“The Company Way”). Twimble declared Finch as his decision to head the sorting room, anyway the book cautions not to remain in the sorting room excessively long. Finch prescribes Frump for the advancement rather than himself, to benefit the organization. Twimble is hesitant to advance Frump due to his sluggishness, yet Frump vows to be a decent worker (“The Company Way (Reprise)”). Twimble and Bratt are both dazzled by Finch’s benevolent choice, and Bratt extends to him an employment opportunity as a lesser official in the Plans and Systems division, headed by Mr. Gatch, sadly. An incredibly alluring however air-headed lady named Hedy LaRue, Mr. Biggley’s mystery special lady, is contracted as a secretary. Her passage draws in the consideration of the considerable number of men in the workplace, provoking Bratt to clarify the workplace approach on being a tease (“A Secretary isn’t a Toy”). Finch gains from Mr. Biggley’s secretary, Miss Jones, that Biggley is a glad alumni of Old Ivy school. In the lift by the day’s end, Rosemary’s kindred secretary Smitty encourages her and Finch set up a date (“Been A Long Day”). After they leave, Frump runs into Biggley and Hedy and understands the idea of their relationship. He coerces Biggley into giving him an advancement, by taking steps to tell his mom (“Been A Long Day (Reprise)”). Finch shows up before the expected time Saturday morning and sets up the workplace so it would seem that he has been working throughout the night, realizing that Biggley is coming in to the workplace soon. Finch persuades Biggley that he is additionally a glad former student of Old Ivy and they sing the Old Ivy battle melody (“Grand Old Ivy”). Biggley requests that Finch be given his own office and secretary, and Bratt doles out Hedy to him. With the book’s assistance, Finch understands that Biggley must be Hedy’s promoter and sends her on a task to Gatch, very much aware that Gatch will make a go at her. Gatch succumbs to the snare and is sent to Venezuela, and Finch is elevated to his situation as head of Plans and Systems. At a gathering for the new Advertising Department head, Benjamin Burton Daniel Ovington, Rosemary wants to dazzle Finch with her new dress, a Paris unique. Be that as it may, the various ladies land at the gathering wearing a similar dress (“Paris Original”). Hedy, who has had an excessive amount to drink, goes up to Biggley’s office to shower. Slob plans for Biggley to find Finch kissing Hedy in his office, yet after LaRue coerces Finch into kissing her, he understands he’s entirely love with Rosemary and proposes to her (“Rosemary”). As Rosemary is going to acknowledge, Hedy leaves the restroom in a towel which irritates Rosemary. She leaves, however comes back to reveal to Finch that Bud and Biggley are simply outside. Slob and Biggley stroll into the workplace similarly as Finch grasps Rosemary. Ovington is compelled to leave after Finch prompts him to uncover to Biggley that he is an alum from Northern State, Old Ivy’s harsh adversary. Biggley names Finch Vice-President in Charge of Advertising. Biggley leaves as Finch and Rosemary proclaim their adoration for one another, and Bud Frump promises vengeance to stop Finch’s transient ascent (“Act I Finale”). Act II After two days, Rosemary feels dismissed by Finch and chooses to stop. Smitty and her kindred secretaries persuade her to remain in light of the fact that she’s experiencing their fantasy about wedding an official (“Cinderella, Darling”). The book cautions Finch that since Vice-President of Advertising is a risky position and that to spare the circumstance, he needs a splendid thought. Bud Frump guilefully discloses to Finch his thought for a broadcast treasure chase. Finch adores the thought, uninformed that Biggley has just heard the thought beforehand and dismissed it. Finch reveals to Rosemary the thought, who reacts by disclosing to Finch that she adores him. (“Glad To Keep His Dinner Warm (Reprise)”). Hedy discloses to Biggley that she is despondent as a secretary and is stopping. Biggley implores her to remain and discloses to her he adores her (“Love From a Heart of Gold”). In the official washroom, Finch gives himself a motivational speech before the gathering while, despite his good faith, Frump guarantees different administrators Finch’s introduction will tumble, and they plot against him (“I Believe In You”). Finch shows his concept of the broadcast treasure chase to Biggley: he will shroud 5,000 portions of organization stock in every one of the ten workplaces around the nation and give the crowd week after week hints with respect to where they are found. Biggley doesn’t care for the thought, until Finch clarifies that each hint will be given by the negligibly dressed World Wide Wicket Treasure Girl: Hedy LaRue. During the primary TV program, Hedy is advised to swear on a Bible that she doesn’t have a clue about the area of the prizes. Biggley had in truth disclosed to Hedy the areas the earlier night and Hedy alarms, uncovering the areas to the whole TV crowd. This prompts all the Wicket workers to destroy the workplaces searching for them. The book discloses to Finch that in the event that he is the reason for the catastrophe, to re-read the principal part on the most proficient method to go after a position. The officials, including Chairman of the Board Wally Womper, are trusting that Finch will turn in his renunciation. Finch reveals to Rosemary that he will most likely come back to washing windows, yet Rosemary guarantees him that she will at present love him regardless (“I Believe in You (Reprise)”). Bud lands to take Finch to the workplace. Similarly as Finch is going to sign his letter of acquiescence, uncovers to the officials that he was in reality a window washer before going to the organization. Womper is attracted to Finch as he, as well, was a window washer. Finch skilfully accuses the fortune chase for Frump, likewise referencing to Womper that Frump is Biggley’s nephew. Womper is going to fire every one of the officials when Finch steps in for everybody’s sake, disclosing to Finch him that despite the fact that the business world is a spot loaded up with selling out and intensity, the World Wide Wicket staff resembles a family to him (“Brotherhood of Man”). Every one of the officials are saved, Bud Frump, nonetheless, is terminated. Biggley remains leader of the organization, Womper resigns to venture to the far corners of the planet with his new spouse, Hedy, and Finch turns into the new Chairman of the Board. Rosemary remains close by and motivates him to become President of the United States. Slob finds a new line of work as a window washer, swearing retribution against Finch and perusing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (“Finale”).>GET ANSWERLet’s block ads! (Why?)

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