Imagine you are one of the other characters in The Tell Tale Heart (someone listening to the story, the police, the old man, a neighbor,…

Imagine you are one of the other characters in The Tell Tale Heart (someone listening to the story, the police, the old man, a neighbor, a fly on the wall, a journalist reporting from the scene of the crime, etc.). Write the story from that character’s point of view. What really happened that night?Keep in mind that your story will be very different from Poe’s because you are changing the point of view. You may add, subtract, or change anything you want so long as your story is an attempt to make sense of The Tell Tale Heart. Don’t write this as an essay. You can write this as a short story, a journal/diary entry, or an interview or a series of interviews. The only rules are: NO POETRY and YOUR CHARACTER MUST BE SANE. (2 – 3 or more pages)

Sample Solution

‘Language is the most enormous and comprehensive workmanship we know, an uneven and mysterious work of oblivious ages.’ – Edward Sapir Phonetics is the logical investigation of language.There are three angles to this examination: language structure, language importance, and language in setting (Wikipedia:Linguistics).There is a different name for the investigation of words structures, their structures and rules : Morphology.If we need to expound on the word-arrangements we need to realize what a word truly is.Well, obviously we as a whole comprehend what a word is nevertheless we are not actually mindful of its structure. Words are the littlest units of language.They can work as a different units ( so they are autonomous), they don’t rely upon different words and they can without much of a stretch change position. A few words are organized from at least two pieces ( Comlex words for example desolate) or their structure is in one piece and we can’t partition it ( for example play ).the littlest gramatical units of language are called morphemes. In the realm of etymology, word-arrangement is the production of another word (wikipedia:word development). Somehow or another it is a complexity to the semantic change in wich the significance of the single word changes. With understaning word-development in extraordinary profundity we need to know the nuts and bolts of ethymology wich is the historical backdrop of words, their orgins and how their structure and importance have changed after some time (wikipedia:ehymology). There are a great deal of sorts of word arrangement. We can recognize for example : Derivations, Neologisms, Compoundings,Affixations, Clippings, Blendings, Abbreviations or Back arrangements. In any case, presently, we will investigate the last four sorts . Cutting is a sort of Abbreviation yet here the piece of the word is ‘cut’ off the rest some portion of it. The significance of this ‘abbreviated’ word implies precisely equivalent to its unique structure. For instance the section ‘burger’ is made by cutting off the start of the word cheeseburger’. This word arrangement procceses are not delegated words having a place with the standard jargon of language. Those are terms of exceptional gatherings where an indication is critical to comprehend the entire significance for example exam(ination), lab(oratory) and so forth. We can recognize four sorts of Clipping : 1. Back section 2. Fore-cutting 3. Center section 4. Complex section Back section is most likely the well known one. In this sort of cutting the start is spared and this is the last part, syllable of the word which is cut off : doc (specialist), exercise center (gym). Fore-cutting is something contrary to the back cut-out. The last part is kept : net (web), bot (robot). Center cut-out ,as the name recommends, is the maintenance of the center piece of the word : ice chest (fridge), jams(pyjamas). Complex section are utilized in mixes. One section od the first compound remains the equivalent : cablegram ( link message), operation workmanship (optical craftsmanship ). Mixing for example a mix word or only a mix is a word made from the piece of at least two other separate words.these part are now and again, however nt constantly, a morphemes (wikipedia:Blend word). Regularly it is a start of the single word and the finish of another : smoke and haze – > exhaust cloud, gas and liquor : gasohol. John Algeo, the Professor Emeritus of English in the University of Georgia proposed to separate mixing into three classes : 1.Phonemic Overlap: a syllable or some portion of a syllable is shared between two words 2.Clipping: the shortening of two words and afterward intensifying them 3.Phonemic Overlap and Clipping: shortening of two words to a common syllable and afterward aggravating (wikipedia : mix word) The mix words are framed in the various strategies. The start of the word with the finish of another, the start of two words are connected or the sounds from the two words are mixed for instance ‘slithly’ which was made from the agile and disgusting. Mix words can be effectively mixed up with the compound words.But in the compound words the significance of the made word might be unique in relation to its unique parts in seclusion for instance ‘darkroom’ doesnt imply that the room is dull yet is a room where photographic materials are handled. Mixed words are additionally alluded to as portmanteaus (brighthubeducation/word arrangement). Truncation is an abbreviated expression or a solitary word which we utilize regular .Those were fundamentally made to spare the space ( space-sparing). They as a rule contain the letters or a gathering of letters taken from the specific word yet not generally, they can be made by substitution or other similar sounding word usage. Condensings are frequently arranged into three sorts: letter-based, syllable-based , and half breed ( forms) In English shortened forms were utilized for all intents and purposes from the earliest starting point. In the early English lyric Beowulf we can discover a few condensings (for example and for and).Then in 16 century and later the utilization of truncations rose with the institutionalization of English language.For model, the name of the well known furniture organization IKEA is a contraction of the : Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Thus, here we have the main letters of the each and every word taken from the entire name and each letter is articulated yet not as a sentence. There are a ton of sorts of shortened forms. An abbreviation is a shortened form shaped from the underlying parts in an expression or a word for example : AIDS, NATO (wikipedia:acronym). A plural shortening can be made by multiplying introductory letters : pp (pages). An initialism is a contraction shaped from the underlying letters of its different word components, yet it is perused as a progression of letters: ATM, BBC ( Aphesis is just precluding an unstressed vowel from the earliest starting point of the word : ’cause (in light of the fact that). Thus to the Aphesis however not actually the equivalent is Apheresis when the primary syllable or syllables are precluded : telephone (phone). The last one is back-development and it is the way toward making another lexeme, as a rule by evacuating real or assumed appends (wikipedia:back-arrangement). The term back-arrangement was made by James Murray, Scottish etymologist and who was additionally the essential editorial manager of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1879 until 1915 (wikipedia:James Murray) Back-development is not quite the same as Clipping since it can change the importance or the grammatical form while cutting is only a shortening from a more extended word without evolving connotation. Back arrangement has given us a typical words, for example, televis (from TV ), aggress ( from animosity) or housekeep (from maid ), etc. Generally, changes happened toward the finish of the word. Back-arrangements dependent on the progressions toward the start so by dropping prefixes are somewhat less normal. Word developments are significant and have carried a great deal to the universe of phonetic for all intents and purposes from the earliest starting point of our civilisation. The craving to improve the arrangement of language vigorously impacted the advancement of making new words. These are extremely useful and significant for individuals in like manner use and are improving their lives and without a doubt simpler. Those likewise improve individuals’ jargon and widen their insight about the language.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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