Thematic Analysis Essay Acts 8:1–12:25

750-1000 words, analyze the thematic development of this second movement of the book of Acts. While this is not an exclusive list, be sure to…

750-1000 words, analyze the thematic development of this second movement of the book of Acts. While this is not an exclusive list, be sure to address the following elements:

How does this segment develop the theme of the geographical/ethnic advance of the proclamation of the gospel presented in the key verse of the book, Acts 1:8? What is the new “geographic target” in this movement of the book? Trace the development of this theme through this section of Acts. You’ll note a definite transition in the audience of the gospel in these chapters. Trace that transition. (Remember that it is geographical, religious, and ethnic.)What other major themes are developed in Acts 8–12 (of the nine themes identified by Fowler in his video presentation “The Key Themes of Acts”)? Identify what you believe are the four most important themes in this segment, then trace the development of each of those themes through these chapters.Luke records the evangelistic encounter of Peter with Cornelius and his household in chapter 10 and Peter’s defense of his fellowship with these Gentiles in chapter 11. Read the account of what Peter said to the household of Cornelius to identify and present the core elements of Peter’s preaching of the gospel to Gentiles. How do these compare to the core elements you identified in Peter’s preaching to the Jews in the first movement of the book of Acts? What changes does Peter make in his approach to the Gentiles, and what is the significance of those changes?

Sample Solution
Cixi had the option to modernize China such that nobody saw coming. She made a gigantic domain while her kin were dwarfed 1:100 by the Han. “Cixi had premonition, rebellion and mental fortitude. What she needed was an order.” (Chang Pg 201) She couldn’t have done what she did alone and had no guidelines instructing her next. Sovereign Zhen, a deep rooted companion of hers, went behind her dead spouses back and made an overthrow with Cixi. This overthrow took out the 8 officials that Emporer Xianfeng set up to guideline until his and Cixi’s child was mature enough to assume responsibility. This overthrow was what landed Cixi a place of political power. She was the first of her an opportunity to lead behind the blinds. Her associations with the West and her creativity like making the overthrow as a mistress enabled her to effectively extend and manage China. Cixi began as an anonymous young lady who was naturally introduced to a family with an administration work foundation. This helped her get saw by the Emperor Xianfeng and began what prompted the advancement of present day China. Cixi was presently a mistress for the Emperor and would consistently conflict with what authority needed to state. She even attempted to offer guidance to Emperor Xianfeng in light of the fact that she was utilized to her family tolerating what she needed to state. At the point when everybody was against working things out with the West and China was at a total stop monetarily, Cixi brought it into her own hands to change that. She needed to pave the way for the West and furthermore be prepared for foe assaults. She saw that outside forces had much more innovative advances than they and she made it obvious she would take the necessary steps to be acceptable with each remote country. “Before she resigned, she had developed a naval force that was the most dominant in Asia, much better prepared than that of Japan.” (Chang Pg. 184) She knew by working up her gunboats and the naval force this would deflect Japan from attempting to venture into China. The issue was Japan previously assumed control over the Liuqiu Islands with their bigger naval force and quicker exceptional gunboats. Cixi realized we weren’t sufficiently able to take them on without anyone else’s input so she utilized the West as an obstruction. She had Earl Li convince Korea, another nation in Japans line of sight, to open up exchange with the Western forces. Thusly the incredible nations will have a stake in Korea and will feel committed to battle with them. By 1889, Cixi created and put out her rule for maritime advancement. Her arrangement was to quicken the modernization of its military, particularly the naval force. Individuals were annoyed with Cixi that she would spend such an extensive amount the nations cash in one territory. They were hit with different cataclysmic events for a long time and individuals got destitute from the flooding. She tried to reduce destitution during her standard, she started huge scale nourishment import and every year burned through several thousands on nourishment to bolster everybody out of luck. Cixi consistently had the comprehensive view as a top priority. “Cixi’s reign was the most tolerant in Qing History; individuals were never again executed for what they said or composed, as they had been under past heads.” (Chang Pg 141) After opening up to exchanging with the West, China and their remote relations improved and the connection among China and the US stayed ‘peaceful and agreeable’. (Chang Pg 141) She was the first of her race and sexual orientation to secure the issue of the connection of China to the outside world, and the first to utilize this connection to reinforce her tradition and to advance material advancement like the tea exchange. At last, Cixi had finished China’s purposeful disconnection and carried it into the worldwide network. She did this by opening up railroads to convey sends out which would deal with the destitution because of the expansion in global exchange for neighborhood products. The Chinese tea was so well known in European nations that they provided 90% of the western world’s utilization. (Chang, pg 126) Cixi did this since she needed to profit her nation who had been on a stop socially and monetarily. They confined themselves in light of their scorn towards Western ways and it was up to Cixi to fix China. She had such a major effect in the quarter of a century that she dominated. Cixi thoroughly considered everything and fastidiously arranged modernization until it was executed. For instance, in 1882 Earl Li requested authorization to manufacture some material production lines. Cixi questioned in light of the fact that she accepted this would remove the employments of the ladies in her nation. Machine-made textures not just take work from the ladies it harms their job. Outside materials had just become an issue so why cause harm to themselves. Cixi was continually thinking and needed to keep up custom of silk generation that had been around for a huge number of years. The custom was that consistently in spring, the silkworms would turn out and the women would ask in the Forbidden City to the Gods of the Silkworm that they will be secured. Cixi and the ladies would encourage the little worms and accumulate the leaves from the mulberry trees. They would watch the silkworm until it encased itself inside their cover made of silk. A short time later, the cover would be bubbled and the string would be twisted into a spool. Cixi kept a portion of this silk with her since she was a kid. She would not like to see the old ways vanish through and through. She was resolved to make change in certain regions and in others she opposed or acknowledged it hesitantly. “Under her standard, China’s industrialization didn’t move like a bulldozer out to decimate all traditions.”(Change pg. 128) Cixi’s objective to make China solid likewise included making China rich. Cixi and her circle accepted that China was so frail since it’s been in a steady condition of destitution and expected to receive western-style mechanical tasks to pick up riches. Cixi had a broadcast introduced for all her up correspondences with Taiwan since Japan had their eyes on it and China needed to keep it. Cixi’s general power got from her capacity to be receptive just as being fearless. Cixi assumed responsibility for a medieval nation who didn’t treat ladies equivalent to men and didn’t need any outside impact. She needed to lead behind the window ornaments along these lines and needed to utilize her children to have the option to have any state. Her character helped her get to administering 33% of the total populace since she had the option to make associations with individuals in the Forbidden City that had been off-base by the officials of sovereign Xianfeng. She was naturally introduced to this nation that was turbulent and didn’t sound good to her. She put all her vitality into changing the methods for the nation by acquiring advancement. This cleared out all the total power, destitution and viciousness that individuals saw on an everyday premise. Cixi was just fierce when she must be and when her life or her families lives were in risk. For instance, she protected herself when Sushun and different officials attempted to keep the head from seeing his authorities. Cixi had Sushun executed by beheading, a considerably less excruciating path than death by a thousand cuts. She did this to show she has control and that the overthrow was as a result. The other two officials captured had to murder themselves in light of the wrongdoing. Generally, Cixi was an unbelievable ladies who wasn’t given enough credit. She battled since she was youthful for a superior lifestyle. She saw her family experiencing absurd principles and charges that they needed to obey and pay or else they would be executed. She helped change China by utilizing her voice and character rather than her hopes to make associations with individuals who had indistinguishable thoughts from her. She took a gander at the West for counsel when nobody else would set out. She was receptive when nobody else needed to be and she demonstrated that ladies can think carefully the same amount of if not more than men.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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