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Write a Research Proposal for a chosen topic pertaining to a contemporary issue in the hospitality and tourism industry. Lecturer's approval needs to be sought…

Write a Research Proposal for a chosen topic pertaining to a contemporary issue in the hospitality and tourism industry. Lecturer’s approval needs to be sought before progressing with the chosen topic.This task will help the students to develop the research skills including using search engines, selecting secondary resources, and evaluating the relevant information for selecting the contemporary research topic; writing the literature review; identification of the gap and developing the conceptual framework for their research.Further, the methodological framework for the undertaken research topic needs to be discussed in detail. The analysed discussion needs to be supported with the relevant theoretical concepts and terminology.The research proposal will need to discuss:• Executive Summary• Introduction• Background to the Problem• Literature Review and thematic table• Gap Analysis• Research question• Objectives of the study• Research Design• Sampling• Data collection instrument• Data Collection• Data Analysis• Ethical Considerations• Timeline• Budget• Limitations• Conclusion• BibliographyStudents should demonstrate the ability to:1. Analyse a contemporary problem being faced in the hotel industry.2. Find and critically analyse the information from secondary resources (relevant to the problem) understanding the background to the problem and discuss the various facets of the issue in the Literature review.3. Meaningfully identify the gap in the literature and identify are the field of your research.4. Identify the research question and the objectives for the research proposal5. Discuss all the parameters of the methodological framework and provide justifications.6. Use relevant concepts and theories to support your discussion.7. Prepare actual Research Proposal in light of the tourism and hospitality projects/issues.Assessment Task No 1B Questionnaire Design (Primary Research)Task Requirements:• Design the primary data collection Tool – Questionnaire• Design the questionnaire using different question formats.• Align the questions with the objectives identified in the research proposal (assignment 1A) Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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