Make this a TV news package. Make the story between 1:15 and 1:30 in length. That’s between 225 and 270 words, not including directions. (Directions…

Make this a TV news package. Make the story between 1:15 and 1:30 in length. That’s between 225 and 270 words, not including directions. (Directions are what tell me, for example, who is doing the talking, when you have b-roll, and who is being supered.)

Be sure to describe the b-roll. I know that you didn’t literally film anything. That’s fine; just describe the scene in a few words.

Format your story for easy reading. For example, use all caps for the directions and mixed case for the speakers, just like the sample story does.

Be sure to follow the proper style for television. That is, always start your story with the anchor on camera and then go to the reporter on camera. Also, the reporter should be last on camera before going back to the anchor for the tag. The middle part of the story is your b-roll, VO, and SOTs.

Be sure to include two, and only two, SOTs. The SOTs must be from two different sources; that is, single-source stories aren’t permitted.

Sample Solution

Maker of Le Scandal Cabaret GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination Maker of Le Scandal Cabaret Ms. Jennifer Dunnette Le Journal Officielle twelfth February, 2012 470 East 32nd St. Paris, France Dear Ellen Demiere, Editor in Chief, I am writing to communicate my enthusiasm for the Fashion Observer position you declared a week ago. My longing to join the group of Le Journal Officielle has been activated by your magazine’s lovely notoriety inside the design business. I would be regarded to join your expert group and have an influence in my preferred magazine’s next release. My experience incorporates three years as an independent columnist covering different style occasions: runway appears, exhibitions, interviews with originators and models, just as 13 months working with The New York Fashion House magazine, where I was answerable for composing design week audits from everywhere throughout the world. Furthermore, I have functioned as a design expert for Cosmo Moscow for 9 months. My training incorporates a B.A. in Journalism from St. Ives University in Southern Sorbonne, and a two-year program with the London University of Distant Education, where I earned my M.A. in Journalism. You can discover more data about my training and work involvement with the encased CV. I additionally appended a couple of tests of my composition—articles that have been distributed in The New York Fashion House, Christie’s Fashion, World Fashion Weeks Annual and some other style magazines. My craving to work in Le Journal Officielle is driven for the most part by the brilliant notoriety of your magazine around the world, and its heading towards practical depictions alongside a basic diagram of style related occasions. To me, Le Journal Officielle is one of the titans of design industry reporting, and cooperating with Ives Gratier, Perley Baer, and Jelisma Hayek would be a respect, just as a staggering chance to become familiar with style news coverage direct from top experts in the field. With French being my local language, I have expected to work with a French-based design magazine, and Le Journal Officielle, similar to no other magazine, has the history and the atmosphere that entrance and motivate me as a writer. Being a piece of your group has been my principle dream and my vocation objective. I would be more than ready to give any extra data that you may require. If it’s not too much trouble get in touch with me whenever should you need further insights regarding my instructive and expert foundation. You can get in touch with me by telephone: (1) 925-456-5656, or by means of email: [email protected] My reference contacts are: Elsiel Normanne, The New York Fashion House: (1)888-888-8888 Anna Novakova, Cosmo Moscow: (075)- 456-34567 Jessica Goodwin, Christie’s Fashion: (1) 457-467-4567 I thank you for your time, and anticipate your sort and positive thought. My best respects, Jennifer Dunette>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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