Uber is largely hailed as the advent of the gig economy, which is the idea that people will not work for any one employer, but…

Uber is largely hailed as the advent of the gig economy, which is the idea that people will not work for any one employer, but instead will work on projects for any variety of companies desiring their services. While creating a new type of entrepreneurship for individuals, it raises a host of new legal questions for companies around the law of agency.

An investment firm has asked you to evaluate Uber’s legal exposure for the conduct of its drivers.Write an interoffice memo in which you:

Summarize the main principles of agency law and the term “scope of employment.” How is this term applicable when it comes to Uber and its business and the liability for its drivers?Recently, an Uber driver lost control and killed his passengers. The driver was drunk. Should Uber be liable for the conduct of its driver in this situation? Why or why not? Use the law of Agency to back up your argument.Identify the steps Uber should take to limit its legal exposure for the conduct of its drivers.

Sample Solution
Walmart is a universal sight is numerous nations. This American global retail company is abhorred, cherished, and everything in the middle of for different reasons. It is the world’s biggest retail organization dependent on income. Notwithstanding, what is significant for this paper is investigating the inceptions and improvement of this company. The account of Walmart isn’t just an anecdote about an organization, yet additionally about free enterprise and the American Dream. 1950 was not only a significant monetary year for America regarding development, yet in addition when Walmart opened up for business. Sam Walton didn’t make his own shop at first, however purchased out a shop in Bentonville, Arkansas. He called the primary shop “Walton’s 5 and 10” or “Walton’s Five and Dime” (Vance H. Trimble). As indicated by Walmart’s legitimate site, “Propelled by the early achievement of his dime store, and headed to bring considerably more noteworthy chance and incentive to his clients, Sam opened the first Walmart in 1962 at 44 years old in Rogers, Arkansas” (Walmart Corporate). This is the point at which the Walmart anchor started to create. The organizer’s thought for progress was to offer lower costs than contenders with quality help, and it appeared that it worked. It had prompted accomplishment for other markdown stores at the time, and Walton was roused by them (Vance H. Trimble). Sway Bogle, Walton’s aide, prescribed the name “Wal-Mart” for the subsequent store, and the chain itself. The name stuck and it has been utilized from that point onward (yet without the hyphen in later years) (Vance H. Trimble). With the financial blast of the 1950s into the 1960s, Walmart proceeded with its quick development. There were 24 Walmart stores by 1967 in the territory of Arkansas. In the next year, Walmart at long last moved out of Arkansas, and opened its first stores in Missouri and Oklahoma (Wayback Machine). Another crucial crossroads in Walmart’s history was the point at which the organization opened up to the world. As indicated by Walmart’s legitimate site, “The organization opened up to the world in 1970, and the returns financed a relentless extension of the business. Sam credited the fast development of Walmart not simply to the low costs that pulled in his clients, yet additionally to his partners. He depended on them to give clients the extraordinary shopping experience that would keep them returning. Sam imparted his vision for the organization to partners in a manner that was about incomprehensible in the business. He made them accomplices in the accomplishment of the organization, and solidly accepted that this association was what made Walmart incredible” (Walmart Corporate). Considering this, the organization’s first stock split was in 1972, and it was the proper time for this, as Walmart was presently working in five states: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma. The development of Walmart detonated in the years following this occasion. Walmart opened in Tennessee in 1973, Kentucky and Mississippi in 1974, and in Texas in 1975. By this interim, there were 125 stores with more than 7000 staff individuals. Deals had arrived at a cosmic $340.3 million, which was amazing for a chain of markdown stores at the time. With the extension of stories in Illinois in 1977, the organization made its first corporate obtaining. Walmart purchased out Mohr-Value Stores, which were put in Missouri and Illinois. Walmart would proceed with this pattern of securing to dispose of rivalry (Cape Girardeau Bulletin). The next year, Walmart likewise procured the Hutcheson Store Company, and appeared to know no closure of its desire, as it spread out into various items, for example, adornments, auto administration, and pharmaceutical products. Starting here, Walmart just extended more and appeared to never think back. It additionally made Sam’s Club, a distribution center enrollment just store, and extended Walmart over each condition of the US, inevitably entering the South American and Chinese markets as a universal powerhouse. Until now, the store is as yet securing more organizations, extending its business, and has an income of $500.3 billion and an estimation of around $250 billion. Beginning as a rebate retail location in humble Arkansas, Walmart has surprised the world with its low costs and assortment of administrations. The organization has had exponential development by getting numerous organizations, restricting challenge, yet additionally making stores progressively productive at a quicker rate. Walmart has had a relentless development since its opening, and who realizes what advancements it will make as an organization in the coming years. References Vance H. Trimble, Sam Walton: The Inside Story of America’s Richest Man, pp.46-64 (Dutton, 1990). “Our History.” Walmart Corporate – We Save People Money so They Can Live Better., corporate.walmart.com/our-story/our-history. “The Wal-Mart Timeline” on July 24, 2006. Filed July 19, 2006, at the Wayback Machine. Cape Girardeau Bulletin. Oct 11, 1973. “Carp Store bought.” Walmart Stores close “prairie forest.”>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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