As a student, you may encounter a number of situations where you will need to seek support and guidance to navigate your university experiences. In…

As a student, you may encounter a number of situations where you will need to seek support and guidance

to navigate your university experiences. In this activity, you will read a series of university life scenarios to

help you gain familiarity with the student support services available to you. Read each scenario, then

determine which university resource would best meet the need in each case.Scenario 1Julia’s professor has told her she needs to use scholarly articles for her research paper. She has a

general idea of what this means, but is not entirely sure the articles she found are scholarly. What service

can she use to discuss her findings with a librarian?Scenario 2Robert has a business proposal due at the end of his 8-week class. Sketch out a research and writing plan

for Robert, including a timeline for success and incorporating interactions with the appropriate support

services.Scenario 3Tiffany just started taking an Accounting class and feels overwhelmed with the coursework and the

readings. Even though she read the first week’s content, she isn’t sure how to get started on the

homework assignment. What steps can Tiffany take to help her through the week? Which university

resources might be useful to her?Scenario 4John has a classmate who is making comments within the discussion board threads that reinforce

negative stereotypes about a particular ethnic group, and it is making him feel uncomfortable. He’s

spoken to his instructor about his concerns and the behavior stopped. If the behavior had continued and

the instructor was not able to handle this issue, who could John reach out to?Scenario 5Mario requires Microsoft Excel for Accounting 101, but he is faced with the high cost of purchasing thesoftware. What technology resources are available to Mario as a University of Maryland Global Campusbusiness student?Scenario 6Kate just landed a great new job, but there is one-year waiting period before tuition remission is available

to her. What university resources can help her explore options for funding her education.

Sample Solution

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