What do visualizations tell us about this data?

If you would like to generate different data than what was cleaned and analyzed in week 4, you may. Clearly state that the data is…

If you would like to generate different data than what was cleaned and analyzed in week 4, you may. Clearly state that the data is different and the source of the data in the research paper. You do not need a compelling reason, so do not spend time trying to justify your choice. You may use data that is available within the libraries of R, as well. However, you will need to include what cleaning or analysis was necessary prior to creating visualizations.

Sometimes visualizations are for a brief, some are for marketing, but they are all designed to tell a story. In research, visualizations are used to test assumptions, as well.

After creating visualizations in R, write a research paper and describe:What visualization(s) were chosen to represent the data, why, and what this type of visualization can reveal about the data.How was your data prepared for visualization?What knowledge was gained about your data from visualizing the data in the manner chosen?Describe 2 visualization techniques that would not work with your data and why.Could you see any way to discretely misrepresent your data visually?The following documents should be submitted for full credit:The research paper with the data visualizationsThe .r file with your codeRaw data, if it is not internal to R.

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