Synopsis The sudden heart attack of his predecessor, Bill Andrews, propelled Russell Hart into a temporary top management assignment for Kresk International in the company’s…


The sudden heart attack of his predecessor, Bill Andrews, propelled Russell Hart into a temporary top management assignment for Kresk International in the

company’s new Middle East Division in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After six months, Russell went to Dallas to report at the semiannual board meeting. The board

would determine if he or Bill Andrews would have the permanent assignment at the end of the year. Russell enjoyed the company’s top assignment and hoped to

impress management at the meeting so that he would be named director of the Middle East Division. In Dallas, Russell has an impromptu chat with his assistant

Christopher Dunn where he describes in depth the atrocious behavior of a colleague, Youssef Said. Russell has observed how Said’s behavior has made a few

employees resign. He also mentions how Said loves to humiliate employees and how his total disregard for the opinion of others appalls Russell. Russell adds

that Said has an inner circle or “family” whom he favors. He always seems to work deals and bend rules. Russell feels Youssef Said’s methods may not be in the

best interest of the company. He wants the board to notice this and asks Christopher for advice because the board, at this point of time, seems to be

impressed by Youssef Said.


What do you think Russell Hart should include in his report about Youssef Said? Why? What would you do in his position?What amount or kind of courage will be required for Hart to disclose everything honestly? How would you advise Hart to acquire that courage?At which stage of Kohlberg’s moral development scale would you place Youssef Said, Russell Hart, and Bill Andrews? Why?

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