Writing Assignments and Assignment Submission Procedures

How to get your assignment questionsHow to write your assignmentHow to submit your assignmentHow to collect your marked assignment >Assignment questions – by the 3rd…

How to get your assignment questionsHow to write your assignmentHow to submit your assignmentHow to collect your marked assignment

>Assignment questions – by the 3rd week after the induction>Based on the contents of the first two sessions>Assignment questions: email or E-learn

Writing the Assignment:

Read the Instructions and the question(s) carefully. Check the requirements of the topic: explain, comment, elaborate, analyse, etc. Highlight the main part of the assignment question(s). Search for information. Plan and Organize. Get started!

The Assignment Submission Form, The Cover, The Table of Contents, The IntroductionThe Body, The Conclusion , The list of References.

An example of a paragraph:Authors like Ghauri and Cateora (2014) stated that a global product is a product which does not need any modification or adaptation and is sold all over the world.

In your list of references:Ghauri, P.N. and Cateora, P. (2014) International Marketing. 4th Edn. Berkshire: McGraw-Hill Education.

Requirements in your assignment:

Very Important: Read instructions on cover. Assignment submission forms: triplicate forms.Soft or hard copies of assignments should carry those forms .Make sure you fill-in the three forms properly.

Availability of Forms:

At the Campus, OUCC or At Forest Side SSS Girls (for hard copies).At the Open University, Reduit (for hard copies).On the E-learn platform (for soft copies).

Submission of your Assignment:

Hard copy assignments:

On Saturdays – to the staff the of Open University at OUCC, Curepipe or at Forest Side SSS Girls.During weekdays – Learning Resource Centre at Reduit (0900-1545, opening hours).The learner must sign a sheet at the time s/he is submitting the assignment .

Soft copy assignments:

Send the assignment on the tutor’s mail address.And copy to [email protected]

Submission of your Assignment:

All learners submitting the assignment by email must write the following in the “Subject” row of the email: [SURNAME], [Given name (of the learner)], [Module name], [Assignment number] An e.g. is: EVANS Tom Financial Management 1.Print a hard copy of the acknowledgment receipt and submit it to the staff member collecting the assignment on the submission day at the study centre.

Collecting your Assignment:

Marked assignments will be returned to you through the staff of the Open University at OUCC, Curepipe . All marked assignments will be returned to the learners before the examination starts. Assignment marks will be uploaded on the E-learn platform.


Extension requests will be granted on exceptional cases and shall never exceed five days.The learner must make a formal request to the Program Manager giving a genuine reason.Once you have submitted your assignments, you will not be able to take it back to make changes or resubmit .

Additional Information:

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence and your assignment will be rejected.Penalty will be applied for late submission.For every day that the assignment is late, two percent will be deducted from the final mark.Weekends are also considered as two days in determining the penalty.Read the instructions carefully.Do your assignments,Submit on [email protected]
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