With respect to the Zappos case: Which one (or two) of the 10 core values do you believe training and development can influence the most?…

With respect to the Zappos case: Which one (or two) of the 10 core values do you believe training and development can influence the most? Why?Noe, R. A. (2019). Employee training & development(8th ed.). S.l.: MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION.

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Zappos: Facing Competitive Challenges

Zappos, based in Las Vegas, is an online retailer. Its initial goal has been to be the best Web site for buy- ing shoes, offering a wide variety of brands, styles, colors, sizes, and widths. The zappos.com brand has grown to offer shoes, handbags, eyewear, watches, and accessories for online purchases. Zappos’s vision is that in the future online sales will account for 30 percent of all retail sales in the U.S. and Zappos will be the company with the best service and selection. Asa result, Zappos believes it can become the online service leader, drawing customers and expanding into selling other products. Zappos believes that the speed at which a customer receives an online purchase plays a critical role in how that customer thinks about shopping online again in the future, so it is focusing on making sure the items get delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

Zappos CEO Tony Hersh has shaped the company’s culture, brand, and business strategy around 10 core values. They are:

Deliver WOW through Service

Embrace and Drive Change

Create Fun and a Little Weirdness Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded Pursue Growth and Learning Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

Build a positive team and Family Spirit Do More with Less Be Passionate and Determined Be Humble

Deliver WOW through Service means that call center employees need to provide excellent customer ser- vice. Call center employees encourage callers to order more than one size or color because of shipping and return shipping is free. They are also encouraged to use their imaginations to meet customer needs.

Zappos’s employment practices help to perpetuate their company culture. For example, the HR team uses unusual interview questions, such as “How weird are you?” and “What’s your theme song?” to find employees who are creative and have strong individual- quality. Zappos provides free lunch in the cafeteria

Chapter 1 Introduction to Employee Training and Development 47

(cold cuts) and a full-time life coach (employees have to sit on a red velvet throne to complain). M an- agers are encouraged to spend time with employees outside of the office, and any employee can reward another employee a $50 dollar bonus for good per- performance. Most employees at Zappos are hourly. All new hires complete four weeks of training, including two weeks working the phones. New recruits are offered $2,000 to leave the company during training to weed out individuals who will not be happy work- ing at the company.

Due to a downturn in sales, Zappos was forced to cut costs, including laying off 124 employees. He has handled the downsizing in a positive way. Laid-off employees with less than two years of service were

paid through the end of the year. Everyone received six months of paid health coverage. Zappos also allowed laid-off employees to keep their 40 percent employee discount through Christmas.

What challenges Is Zappos facing that may derail its attempt to be the best online retailer? How can training and development help Zappos meet these challenges? Do you think that employees at Zappos have high levels of engagement? Why? Which of Zappos’s 10 core values do you believe training and development can influence the most? The least? Why?

Source: Based on Web site for Zappos, www.za p pos.com:

J. O’Brien, “Zappos Knows How to Kick It,” Fortune (February 2, 2009): 55-66.

Sample Solution
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